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When we’r misled about the dangers around us, we take real risks to avoid imaginary ones

The assessment of Risk is one of the great big things of our time. From business to politics to social cultural history, we are constantly engaged in a seemingly relentless pursuit to uncover causes and effects; and more often than not, the … Continue reading

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Deadly Denial: The Conspiracy Theories about AIDS

AIDS – as a disease – has an almost emotive side to it. Talk of it is altogether different from, say, Cancer. This is not to suggest that the urgency about AIDS (globally) is any less, but there are remnants … Continue reading

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Embattled Seismologists: Italy’s Trial and Error

[Disclaimer: Since this article was written, it has come to my attention (from Guardian’s Lay Scientist[1] )that some of the information may have been misrepresented vis a vis the actual charges of the L’Aquila Earthquake trial. Which seemed to be … Continue reading

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Eugenie Scott : The Lady who fights Creationism in the US

The teaching of Evolution in US High Schools is in many ways a microcosm of the ‘war’ between Science and Religion. And as the work of Eugenie Scott suggests – it is one fraught with legal and political maneuverings.  Science ‘denialism’ … Continue reading

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