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Deadly Denial: The Conspiracy Theories about AIDS

AIDS – as a disease – has an almost emotive side to it. Talk of it is altogether different from, say, Cancer. This is not to suggest that the urgency about AIDS (globally) is any less, but there are remnants … Continue reading

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#Burzynski: Silencing Legitimate Criticism is NOT Charity

So a very interesting story has developed over the last few weeks. Like many stories of questionable cancer ‘treatments’, it involves a desperate family trying to do whatever they can to save their child, it involves celebrities and communities wanting to lend … Continue reading

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Pharmageddon: The Vaccine Pseudo-Controversy

This is one of those  ‘banker topics’ in that you can bank on the fact that it will come up again and again on this blog. Like the Creationism/Evolution debate, the Science has now taken a back seat to what … Continue reading

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Profiles: Ben Goldacre

Ben Goldare is the author of superb book the Bad Science. It is a withering expose of Quacks and the Hacks who promote them. It highlights the absurdity and sometimes utter tragedy of cases when pseudo-science prevails. Of the many … Continue reading

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