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When we’r misled about the dangers around us, we take real risks to avoid imaginary ones

The assessment of Risk is one of the great big things of our time. From business to politics to social cultural history, we are constantly engaged in a seemingly relentless pursuit to uncover causes and effects; and more often than not, the … Continue reading

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#Burzynski: Silencing Legitimate Criticism is NOT Charity

So a very interesting story has developed over the last few weeks. Like many stories of questionable cancer ‘treatments’, it involves a desperate family trying to do whatever they can to save their child, it involves celebrities and communities wanting to lend … Continue reading

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Embattled Seismologists: Italy’s Trial and Error

[Disclaimer: Since this article was written, it has come to my attention (from Guardian’s Lay Scientist[1] )that some of the information may have been misrepresented vis a vis the actual charges of the L’Aquila Earthquake trial. Which seemed to be … Continue reading

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Profiles: Ben Goldacre

Ben Goldare is the author of superb book the Bad Science. It is a withering expose of Quacks and the Hacks who promote them. It highlights the absurdity and sometimes utter tragedy of cases when pseudo-science prevails. Of the many … Continue reading

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Step 1 Resign, Step 2 Apologise, Step 3 Get Arrested

The News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal shows no sign of letting up. For brevity, I shall post the recent developments in point form On Friday July 15, Rebekah Brooks, offered her resignation as Chief Executive of News International … Continue reading

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Gunning for Murdoch

The, once, untouchable figure of Rupert Murdoch, the Sun God, at whose altar many a politicians including, David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (which makes watching this a cringe-worthy experience) have grovelled, is perhaps now facing his end game. … Continue reading

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End-Game for Murdoch?

Rupert Murdoch showed every day of his 81 year old life as two of his most trusted confidantes Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton, both offered their resignations in what is being dubbed as ‘Bloody Friday’ for News International in general … Continue reading

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