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Our Trendy Ideological Narcissism doesn’t help Africa

I’m not going to do what countless others have done already and rip the piss out of Invisible Children, their Kony2012 Campaign and the obvious dodginess about  their methods/operations. Although I’ll let this little musical number (that they came out with back … Continue reading

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Deadly Denial: The Conspiracy Theories about AIDS

AIDS – as a disease – has an almost emotive side to it. Talk of it is altogether different from, say, Cancer. This is not to suggest that the urgency about AIDS (globally) is any less, but there are remnants … Continue reading

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Winston Zulu: Zambia’s Man of Deeds

This is going to be a short post. Short – yet probably the most somber – one to date. It is about Winstone Zulu, a prominent AIDs and TB activist and campaigner from Zambia. He was diagnosed with HIV in … Continue reading

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