[Disclaimer None of the science or medical information I might post to this blog should be taken as medical advice (I’m not medically trained]


This blog hopes to approach matters of Science (and Science Denialism) Economics, Politics, Public policy, Health with an emphasis on critically evaluating and appraising the evidence behind the claims that are being made. Now – as the website’s name implies – a large amount of the posts/articles may well be dedicated to how things have gone wrong or how they have been misrepresented, but there is no particular urgency to do that in every single post. In fact, kudos will given to bodies where it is due.   The aim is to build a database of information which will be useful for not only its publisher but anyone who wishes to look at matters of public policy more critically and perhaps in the process learns a few tips and tricks as to what to look for whilst spotting bullshit, be it from the politicians, academics, media et al.

Blogs – I think – are potentially more informative and legitimate than mainstream news outlets. The reason being the ability to link directly to the source material for the reader to check themselves. If there is any hanky panky going on, the reader has a better chance of spotting it than he/she would in from a mainstream news website. Sometimes they go out of their way to hide the source or the methodology put to use to acquire the information and conclusion. This is something I will try my utmost to avoid. Of course this counts on an ethos of linking and checking the links, but the nerdy blogosphere is quite good at that. And Frankly, if you find a blog which doesn’t link to original sources its commenting on; it should raise a red flag in your mind about the accuracy of the claims/criticisms its airing. Anyway this is the spirit in which I hope to post things and as I have discussed it will be wide ranging and it doesn’t necessarily follow a type of prose. On some days I will be formall, on others probably jovial, yet others still, I will be downright obscene- all I hope, in the cause of promoting rational thinking about the public sphere.


For any queries or the comments regarding the content of this blog. Or indeed if you are interested in posting some of your own stuff on this blog, please send an email at mohammad.fahad[at]gmail.com

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