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Pharmageddon: The Vaccine Pseudo-Controversy

This is one of those  ‘banker topics’ in that you can bank on the fact that it will come up again and again on this blog. Like the Creationism/Evolution debate, the Science has now taken a back seat to what … Continue reading

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Winston Zulu: Zambia’s Man of Deeds

This is going to be a short post. Short – yet probably the most somber – one to date. It is about Winstone Zulu, a prominent AIDs and TB activist and campaigner from Zambia. He was diagnosed with HIV in … Continue reading

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Ashton Hayes: England’s first Carbon Neutral Village

Ashton Hayes is a small village/parish in NorthWest England. A seemingly typical English countryside habitation, it gained notoriety in 2006 for aiming to become the first truly Carbon Neutral village in the country. A concerted effort was made to take measurements of … Continue reading

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Adam Smith’s Ideas on Labour and Value (Part II)

[Disclaimer: This is the second of a 2-part post of the same essay. The first part of the essay can be read  here. Perhaps it would be useful for you to  read the first part to get some context for the is … Continue reading

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Fishing for “Interesting-ness”: The trouble with Malcolm Gladwell

If you frequent libraries and bookstores here in Canada, you’ll find that Malcolm Gladwell is almost a ubiquitous presence. You cant miss a copy of ‘Blink’, ‘Outliers’, ‘The Tipping Point’ or ‘What the Dog Saw’. Full disclosure though; I’m not … Continue reading

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Embattled Seismologists: Italy’s Trial and Error

[Disclaimer: Since this article was written, it has come to my attention (from Guardian’s Lay Scientist[1] )that some of the information may have been misrepresented vis a vis the actual charges of the L’Aquila Earthquake trial. Which seemed to be … Continue reading

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