Profiles: Ben Goldacre

Ben Goldacre (taken from Zoonomian)

Ben Goldare is the author of superb book the Bad Science. It is a withering expose of Quacks and the Hacks who promote them. It highlights the absurdity and sometimes utter tragedy of cases when pseudo-science prevails. Of the many fascinating insights this book provides, the dubious claims made by some in the Vitamin pill industry including Matthias Rath (who went to South Africa actively campaigning against Anti-Retro-viral Drugs to promote his Vitamins as an efficacious remedy for AIDS) is perhaps the most compelling and distressing one. Goldacre is also the author of Guardian Column of the same name. He also has a website where his stuff is fully archived.

Here is brief talk he gave at Poptech 2010 which is a nice summary of what his book is about. Well worth a look

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