Gunning for Murdoch

Ed Milliband (Photograph: Getty Images via Guardian)

The, once, untouchable figure of Rupert Murdoch, the Sun God, at whose altar many a politicians including, David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (which makes watching this a cringe-worthy experience) have grovelled, is perhaps now facing his end game. This month has been a profoundly trans-formative one, not only for the Murdoch empire, but for the power dynamic in British Politics and may even make reverberations in the US.

Leading the charge, has been Labour leader Ed Miliband  – perhaps not as tarnished with Murdoch taint as some of his colleagues in the Labour party – who has been on the front foot in calling for the removal of the (now arrested) Rebekah Brooks and also, for the dismantling the Murdoch empire. Only time will tell, how much of this is just post-hoc grandstanding (and it would be quite reasonable to attribute some of the bluster to populist grandstanding) and how much of it is a genuine power play to remove or significantly diminish Rupert Murdoch’s role in British politics.

One thing is for sure, Ed Miliband has made a swift recovery since this toe-curler of an interview about Teachers Union Strikes, where he comes across as a bit of a tool. But since then he has remarkably transformed his image and has become quite the thorn in the sight for David Cameron.

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