End-Game for Murdoch?

The beginning of the end? (Photo via The Daily Telegraph)

Rupert Murdoch showed every day of his 81 year old life as two of his most trusted confidantes Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton, both offered their resignations in what is being dubbed as ‘Bloody Friday’ for News International in general and Rupert Murdoch in particular. However, this doesnt seem to be the end of things as this is certain to have ramifications for not only media standards in the UK but many in the political elite. The British Prime Minister’s closeness with Brooks and former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has already cost dearly in series of back-tracking which is sure have long lasting effect.

Meanwhile over in the US, the possibility that 911 victims’ phones could have been hacked, is threatening to open the pandora’s box of sleaze, corruption and criminality. What impact it has on Murdoch’s US assets, which include the FOX network, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post among others, remains to be seen. It is almost hilarious watching FOX news tip toe around this issue as the clip below illustrates

As ever there is great coverage of this on the Guardian and the Independent, both of which have been at the forefront in uncovering this scandal. SGS – our collaborative website – also has articles on Rebekah Brooks resignation and Rupert Murdoch’s UK media empire.

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